Support Services

Dedicated to helping our residents maximize their potential and live their lives to the fullest

Supportive Services in Orlando, FL

The team at Courtyards Care Center understands that decisions are sometimes difficult and dealing with many of the details associated with medical care can be overwhelming.

To help make it easier for patients and family members, our staff is available for:

Case Management

Assistance with community healthcare resources

Family and resident support groups


Discharge planning and coordination of home care

Personal counseling

Experience the Difference at Courtyards Care Center

When it comes to healthcare, Nursing and Rehabilitation services for our residents conditions, Courtyards of Orlando Care Center stands out for its commitment to excellence. We prioritize the well-being and recovery of our residents, providing them with the highest quality care in a supportive environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare services or to schedule a tour of our facilities. Let Courtyards of Orlando Care Center be your partner in achieving optimal recovery outcomes for your loved ones.